Interface International

Helping Healthcare Reach Out To Patients From Other Cultures


Lively Keynotes, Conference, and Dinner Talks

While we provide customized talks on any subject involving cultural and/or linguistic competence, below is a small sample of the wide variety of topics we can address. (All talks are accompanied by a colorful slide presentation & handouts)

  • The Culture/Healthcare Relationship
  • Attracting and Retaining Patients of Other Cultures
  • Building Diverse Patient Satisfaction & Community Loyalty
  • 10 Tips for Communicating with Limited English-Speaking Patients
  • 12 Tips for Improving the Physician/Patient Relationship Across Cultures
  • How to Offer Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Care to Minority Patients
  • Implementing the CLAS Standards and Meeting Regulatory Requirements for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Care
  • Culture and Pain Management
  • Culture and Women's Health
  • Cultural Challenges in Infertility
  • Medical Ethics in Our Diverse Patient Environment: A Need for Evaluation and Change
  • Family Roles in Health, Illness, Illness Prevention & Cure
  • How to Increase Revenue by Attracting & Retaining Medical Tourists from Abroad